What's included?

In a word - everything! Membership to the Birth Recovery Center includes on demand access to information and experts in the following fields: Labor and Delivery, Lactation, Sleep Training, Physical Therapy and Mental Health.

  • Affordable - access to every course & coach is rolled into one low monthly price!

  • Access - all course information is on demand and access to coaching is done asynchronously via our best in class technology solutions.

  • Experts - interact with our team of experts in various fields to help customize your care plan and maximize your results!

How it works

Membership to the Birth Recovery Center requires that you take an active role in your care plan and you will be far from alone throughout the process.

  • Develop A Plan

    Upon signing up, you'll start building out your customized care plan with one of our staff members so that you are setup for success.

  • Execute the Plan

    Knowledge is power. Each plan will have educational components regarding subject matter education and self advocacy and empowerment tools.

  • Work with Experts

    Our team of coaches are here with you for every step of the way. Interact with coaches inside of each course to help you customize and tailor the plan to you!

What does it cost?

A full membership to the Birth Recovery Center is $50 USD per month. There are no long term contracts, commitments, gimmicks. You are able to cancel or resubscribe at any time. When we say affordable access to experts, we mean it!