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How it works

Gain access to the right information and the right people to help you achieve an optimal mental state. Our mental health course and coaching is meant to meet you exactly where you are in your motherhood experience. You will be connected with our Maternal Mental Health Expert who is also a licensed social worker with 15 years of experience in the field of prenatal and postpartum moms. This course is full of education, exercises and of course unlimited access to a mental health expert. Whether you want to know more about postpartum depression, anxiety, birth trauma or mom guilt, we are here with practical tools and skills you can start applying to your life right now.

  • Complete your Postpartum Care Plan Assessment

    Here you will be able to dive deeper into YOUR needs Validate your triggers and Acknowledge your experiences Create a plan with your Coach to manage and cope with these big feelings

  • Write Your Birth Story

    An important part of the improvement process is uncovering past trauma. Our proprietary digital birth story writing exercise is often times the best place to uncover triggers and unvalidated feelings.

  • Speak With An Expert

    You don't go through the course alone! Based on your assessment and reviewing with your coach, you will know the most important parts of this course for YOUR NEEDS. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns throughout your enrollment you'll be able to video chat with one of our mental health experts!

  • Build On Your Foundation

    Your mental health affects everything that you do and you're never truly "done". Discover ways in improve upon your bond with baby, spouse, and even explore ways to improve upon your self care.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome Week

    • Course Expectations & Overview

    • Legal Disclaimers

    • Meet The Team

    • We Want to Meet You!

    • Intake Form

    • Join the Community

    • Access Coaching

  • 2

    Maternal Expectations

    • Maternal Expectations

  • 3

    Create Your Postpartum Care Plan

    • What is a Postpartum Care Plan

    • Create Your Postpartum Care Plan

    • Submit for Review with a Coach

  • 4

    Live Coaching Schedule

    • Reserve Your Spot

  • 5

    Course Foundations

    • What is Postpartum Depression

    • Postpartum Depression Assessment

    • What is Postpartum Anxiety

    • What are Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders

    • When to Seek More Help

    • Have a Question? Ask it here!

  • 6

    Pillar #1 - Mindset

    • Mom Guilt

    • Mindfulness Practices

    • How to Manage Overwhelm

    • Comparison is the Thief of Joy

    • Body Image

    • Challenging Negative Thoughts

    • Postpartum Rage

    • Bilateral Stimulation

    • Have a Question? Ask it here!

  • 7

    Pillar #2 - Self Care

    • What is Self Care

    • What are Boundaries

    • Feeling "Touched Out"

    • How can we Practice Self Care

    • Have a Question? Ask it here!

  • 8

    Pillar #3 - Bond with Baby

    • What Does This Mean?

    • Why is This Important?

    • How to Practice Bonding

  • 9

    Pillar #4 - Relationships

    • Why it's important

    • Identify your Circle of Support

    • Relationship with your Partner

    • Exercises to Complete with Partner

    • Have a Question? Ask it here!

  • 10

    Pillar #5 - Birth Trauma

    • What is Birth Trauma

    • Postpartum PTSD

    • Why It's Important

    • Preparation for Writing Birth Story

    • Write Your Birth Story

    • Review Your Birth Story with a Coach Here

  • 11

    4th Trimester Resources

    • Postpartum Fitness

    • Lactation Support

    • Sleep Training