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You will dive into how your body changes during pregnancy, general briefing of what happens when you are admitted, Stages of labor, C-section deliveries, vaginal deliveries, recovery while in the hospital and so much more!

  • Affordable - The membership grants access to every course & coach is rolled into one low monthly price!

  • Access - the entire course is consumed on demand. You can watch video content and connect with your coaches 1:1 when it is convenient for you! You will have access to speak with your coaches, course and video content for as long as your subscription is active. The membership subscription grants access to all of the BREC courses & experts.

  • Experts - our licensed Labor & Birth Prep experts are on stand by waiting to help you customize the course to best fit your goals!

What's included?

Access the right information and the right people to help you along as you prepare for the big day!

  • Your Birth Support Team

    Direct 1:1 Video Access to Coaches all who are active Labor & Delivery Nurses that help moms deliver babies every day! With over 10 hours of course work to prepare you with what to expect during your big day! Have questions you want to ask! You have unlimited access during your enrollment to connect with your team.

  • Build Your Birth Plan

    Just because we can't predict the future doesn't mean we shouldn't plan for it. Learn our self advocacy techniques to take a front row seat in your care plan. Our proprietary birth planning module is an 100+ point assessments of all your hopes, wants, and needs to prepare for birth.

  • Video Library

    This course includes over 33 lessons with over 25 videos to empower and prep Mom and support partners for labor and delivery from the comfort of your own home. Including video demos of pushing positions and partner positions.

  • Community Access

    There is strength in numbers! Empower, encourage and interact with like minded moms from all over the world in our members only community!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome Week

    • Course Overview

    • Legal Disclaimers

    • Meet The Team

    • Join the Community

    • Access Coaching

    • Upgrade to the Membership

    • Move Your Bump

  • 2

    Build Your Birth Plan

    • Why Do I Need a Birth Plan?

    • Preparation

    • Create Your Birth Plan

    • Review Birth Plan with Coach

  • 3

    Talk to a Coach

    • Do you have questions?

    • Ask a Coach!

  • 4

    Build Your Birth Team

    • The Birth Team

    • Labor Support Person

    • Birth Environment

  • 5

    The Details

    • Your Changing Body

    • Pregnancy Complications

  • 6

    Cesarean Section

    • C-Section Process

    • Scheduled C-Section

    • Unplanned C-Section

    • Emergency C-Section

  • 7

    Vaginal Delivery

    • What To Expect - Labor Edition

    • Labor & Delivery Admission Process

    • Stages of Labor

    • Unmedicated Vaginal Delivery

    • Medicated Delivery

    • Inductions


    • Delivery Complications

  • 8


    • Pushing Positions

    • Counterpressure & Support Techniques

  • 9


    • After Delivery - Your Postpartum Stay

    • Postpartum Self Care

    • C-Section Recovery

    • Vaginal Recovery

  • 10

    Baby's First Moments

    • Baby's first moments of life

    • 24 hours after birth

  • 11

    Fourth Trimester x Postpartum Recovery

    • Postpartum Fitness

    • Maternal Mental Health

    • Lactation Support

    • Sleep Training