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Our IBCLC’s can help you navigate breast and baby troubleshooting issues like nipple pain, nursing strikes, latching and positioning! Through our video consultations our coaches can assess your baby’s latch, help you find the most comfortable position for breastfeeding as well as help answer any other questions you have!

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  • Experts - Our Board Certified IBCLC’s are available through 1:1 video coaching throughout your course & membership

How it works

Whether you are a first time mom or a veteran mom, we are here to support you in your breastfeeding journey! From your baby's first 3 days of life, nipple concerns, hunger cues to combination feeding and so much more! Our IBCLC and Lactation consultants are here to help and support you.

  • Feeding Goals

    It's important to establish your goals so that you can set yourself up for success. Your first steps will be communicating your feeding goals or immediate needs with our team of experts!

  • Speak With A Coach

    Our team of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) are available to you on demand to help out with various items like latching, positioning, flange sizing, and so much more!

  • How To Series

    Review the “How To Series”! This is where all of the demonstration videos live! These can be used for immediate needs or needs that may arise as you continue with your baby feeding journey! If you need a latch assessment or position assessment, those will happen here as well through video coaching!

  • Stronger Together

    There is strength in numbers. Gain access to our full community of breastfeeding moms from all over the world to share encouraging and supportive messages. As well as connect to our coaches!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome Week

    • Course Overview

    • Legal Disclaimers

    • Course Intake Form

    • Meet The Team

    • We Want To Meet You!

    • Join the Community

    • Access Coaching

  • 2

    How To Series

    • Navigation Video

  • 3

    Breastfeeding 201 - Baby Positioning

    • How to Position Your Baby

    • Have a Question? Ask a Coach Here!

  • 4

    Breastfeeding 202 - Latching

    • How to Get a Proper Latch

    • Have a Question? Ask a Coach Here!

  • 5

    Breastfeeding 203 - Hand Expression

    • Hand Expression

    • Have a Question? Ask A Coach Here!

  • 6

    Troubleshooting (Breast)

    • Navigation Video - Start Here

    • Nipple Pain

    • Engorgement

    • Clogged Ducts

    • Supply Troubleshooting

    • Nipple Shield

    • Haakaa Breast Pump

    • Have a Question? Ask a Coach Here!

  • 7

    Troubleshooting (Baby)

    • Navigation Video

    • Introducing a Bottle

    • Oral Restriction

    • Thrush

    • Introducing Solids

    • Biting

    • Nursing Strike

    • Weaning

    • Have a Question? Ask a Coach Here!

  • 8

    What to Expect Series

    • How Do You Envision Your Breastfeeding Journey?

  • 9

    Breastfeeding 101 - The Science

    • The Benefits of Breastfeeding

    • Anatomy of Lactation

  • 10

    Breastfeeding 102 - The Basics

    • Getting Off to the Best Start

    • The First Three Days

    • Is My Baby Getting Enough Milk?

    • Nipple Concerns

  • 11

    Breastfeeding 103 - The Lifestyle

    • Elimination/Restriction

    • Contraception

    • Breastfeeding During Illness

    • Finding Your Village

    • Know Your Rights

  • 12

    Pumping 101 - Basics

    • Reasons You May Need To Pump

    • Types of Pumps and Choosing the Right Pump For You

    • Pump Parts and How to Clean Them

    • Flange Fit

    • Pumping Routine

    • Breastmilk Storage

    • How To Use Your Double Electric Pump

    • How To Use Your Manual Pump

    • Overcoming Pumping Challenges

  • 13

    Formula 101 - Your Options

    • What To Expect After Delivery If You're Not Planning To Breastfeed

    • Safe Formula Preparation

    • Combination Feeding

  • 14

    Special Considerations

    • Twins

    • Tandem Nursing

    • Alternative Feeding Methods

    • The Baby Born Slightly Early

  • 15

    More Resources

    • More Resources